Radhika Vachani

Transforming The World, One Breath At A Time" sums it up for Radhika Vachani, a published author, an authority on yoga, Positive Wellbeing, and the Founder of the Institute of Inner Wellbeing & Excellence. Radhika is dedicated to enhancing human wellbeing and excellence globally, incorporating the learnings and wisdom of her 23-year personal journey and the daily practice of Iyengar yoga, meditation, and self-awareness into her work.

"Our human needs have evolved significantly, and with it, the concept of wellbeing is changing rapidly. We have an inherent need to lead purposeful lives and to engage in meaningful work. However, we live in a challenging environment fraught with volatility, uncertainty, and change, often causing immense stress and anxiety. We all need support to thrive." The Institute reflects the dedication, depth of experience, and practices that form the foundation of all the work conducted in human wellbeing and organizational excellence.

She is also a published author, "Just Breathe, the most powerful tool for self-transformation." In this book, she addresses the fundamental question - "how do we find peace, permanence, and certainty in a world that is, by its very nature, volatile, impermanent, and uncertain?" Just Breathe reflects the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras and the life practice of yoga that is a fundamental aspect of this ancient practice. Soon to be published is her second book.

She co-founded Blue Chip Telecom, Inc. in Silicon Valley in 1997, which she exited and returned to India. In 2010, she also founded the Yogacara Institute, holistic health and wellness organization.

Radhika is a frequent speaker at conferences, leadership forums, and academic institutions. Radhika lives and works between the US and India.


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